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Table 1 Recommendations Summary and their relation to Socio-Technical dimensions

From: Improving the Effectiveness of Electronic Health Record-Based Referral Processes

Recommendation Primary Socio-Technical Dimension*
1 Include real-time clinician-to-clinician communication features as part of the referral system. Hardware & Software
2 Design and use electronic standardized referral templates that include both structured and free-text fields. Human-Computer Interface
3 Enforce electronic capture of the reason for the referral. Clinical Content
4 Bring PCPs and specialists together to collaboratively develop referral guidelines for inclusion into the electronic referral system People
5 Integrate patient communication into the electronic referral process People
6 Use automation to pre-populate electronic referral requests with patient-specific data Workflow & Communication
7 Include the capability of electronic consultations (information-only referrals). Workflow & Communication
8 Close the communication loop by providing referral status tracking and feedback capabilities and integrating these tools into providers’ workflows Workflow & Communication
9 Standardize and maintain up-to-date institutional policies and procedures for electronic referrals. Organization Policies & Procedures
10 Monitor electronic referral communication performance. Measurement & Monitoring
  1. *Although recommendation may be associated with more than one dimension of the socio-technical mode, this table identifies the dimension each recommendation most directly relates to.