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Table 1 Aspects of comparative healthcare information shown to each subgroup (translated from Dutch)

From: Understanding and using comparative healthcare information; the effect of the amount of information and consumer characteristics and skills

  Hospital A Hospital B Hospital C Subgroup
Conduct of doctors 1, 2, 3, 4
Conduct of nurses 2, 3,4
Pain control 3,4
Information about new medication 4
Information provision before surgery Yes No Yes 2,3,4
Procedures to prevent adverse effects of thrombosis Yes Yes No 1,2,3,4
Registration of complications related to THA/TKA Yes No Yes 3,4
National registration of orthopaedic implants Yes Yes Yes 3,4
Transfusion of homologous blood Yes Yes No 4
Specialist areas of orthopaedist No No No 2,3,4
Number of performed total knee- or hip replacements among adults in a year 314 98 244 1,2,3,4
Number of performed total knee- or hip replacements among children in a year 0 1 0 4
Number of orthopaedists in the hospital 8 2 4 2,3,4
Information provision approach Written information material and briefings Written information material Written information material 3,4
Group-hospital admission Yes No No 4
  1. better than average.
  2. average.
  3. worse than average.
  4. The information provided was derived from patient experience indicators measured by the Consumer Quality Index (CQI: the Dutch standard for measuring patient experiences in healthcare), and indicators about hospital services and clinical performance indicators were derived from hospital registrations.