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Table 2 Results for the three items specific to CRC screening appended to the CSUQ usability survey

From: Redesign of a computerized clinical reminder for colorectal cancer screening: a human-computer interaction evaluation

Usability Survey Item Design Type Mean Standard Deviation p-value (two-tailed)
'It is easy to find information about the patient's colorectal cancer screening history in this system.' Current (A) 3.3 1.3 0.015
  Redesign (B) 5.2 0.9  
'It is easy to find the patient's current status with regard to colorectal cancer screening in this system.' Current (A) 3.0 1.5 0.017
  Redesign (B) 5.3 0.8  
'The system provides helpful patient education materials for CRC screening.' Current (A) 2.8 1.7 0.011
  Redesign (B) 5.6 0.8