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Table 1 Qualitative data themes elicited from provider interviews about the interface

From: Integrating an internet-mediated walking program into family medicine clinical practice: a pilot feasibility study

Qualitative Theme Exemplary Quote
Phase I  
The SUH Intervention • "I like the site."
• "Very slick. It's very impressive."
• "I found it pretty easy to use."
• "I liked the graphs. I think the visuals were useful."
• "I think the graphs are excellent the way they are. It's simple. It explains it. It nails it down to a T."
Recruitment & Referring • "A hand out of some sort is helpful. Just like a single page, here's what it's about, here's the website."
• "Some advertisements. Some posters out front. Something that might motivate the patient while they're waiting to be called back to the room."
Interface Capabilities • " would be helpful to have something that my medical assistant or somebody in the office could print out on the day that the patient was coming in and say this is what their steps have been doing and so I didn't have to log in necessarily or have them upload any pedometer information at the visit just to make it as quick as possible to go through."
Phase II  
Referral Process • "It seemed like the only time that it worked was if it was a face-to-face initiation from we [sic] offering it. The letters that we sent one took notice..."
Impact on Workflow • "It would be nice if I'd had [MA] ... kind of do it for me. But if there was any way that I could link up with the patient record I'm looking at because essentially if it pulls the data from [EMR] than this is all filled out for me basically and I just pick the yes, no - this is an acceptable patient for a walking trial and click send, and it is done."
Patient Monitoring • "...just remember that it exists. I did not remember. I had the [study] fliers. I had like the thing put in front of my face on the bulletin board but we're so focused on the computer. I guess if I had opened the website every day then it would trigger me to remember it but I didn't remember it most of the time."
Interface Usability • "It's a great tool. It's not necessarily a time saver. It just gives me a lot more information than I otherwise would get. Real information, not the patient's perception of their own exercise when I see them once a year or four times a year for their follow up. It's real hard data which is very helpful..."
Barriers to Use • "So in that short 6-7 weeks span, the chance of seeing one of these patients in the office while they're doing it is pretty limited and that's really when I'm most prompted to pull up their data and look at it."
• " would kind of be nice if the doctors included us [MAs] more in it...Kind of give us feedback about some of the adverse reaction emails that they [patients] had or... touch base so that we knew what was going on with the patients ...So that we didn't just refer them, and then they were kind of just out there..."