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Table 2 CIS top managers

From: Understanding managerial behaviour during initial steps of a clinical information system adoption

Groups Description How they are referred in the text
First group: 1. CIS Project Director CIS Director
CIS Project Top Managers 2. CIS Project Managers (one from MHOSP1 and one from MHOSP2). They have the technical knowledge on the management of information systems projects CIS Project Managers
  3. CIS Project Committees' Chairs in each MHOSP They have the organizational knowledge and legitimacy for coordinating the CIS project CIS Committee Chairs
Second group: CIS Project Committee Members 4. Clinical representatives (e.g. physicians and nurses), departmental managers from the different sites of each multi-hospital system, and managers from ancillary services (e.g. archives) CIS members
Third group: External Actors 5. Representatives of the Rainbow Program (only participating in MHOSP1 CIS Committee meetings) Rainbow Program representatives