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Table 1 Illustration of discursive thematic analytical procedure

From: Understanding managerial behaviour during initial steps of a clinical information system adoption

Setting Piece of text Description theme Explanation
MHOSP1 "[Dr. X] reiterated the need to have a Clinical Informatics group for the CIS, otherwise he feels that over time the CIS will lack in content if there is no continued input from clinicians." This physician is proposing and arguing in favour of the creation of a clinical informatics group in the hospital CLINICAL MEANING OF THE CIS This physician is very conscious of the importance of involving clinicians at this moment of the CIS project in order to give clinical meaning to the new system. He is advocating for the strength and legitimacy of local knowledge, which will support CIS acceptance in the hospital. However, although this proposal seems well accepted by certain members of the committee, CIS top managers have decided to postpone it to future CIS implementation phases.
MHOSP2 "There are worries regarding the CIS adoption and the current management practices of access, the single sign-on, etc." Discussion about the impact of new CIS on current organizational practices CIS IMPACT ON PRACTICES This is a very animated discussion about the future impact of the CIS on current administrative and clinical practices on this hospital. Most of the members of the committee agree on the importance of this issue. However, discussions do not go beyond the highlighting of the importance of this issue.