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Table 2 Proposed turnaround time definitions

From: Mapping Turnaround Times (TAT) to a Generic Timeline: A Systematic Review of TAT Definitions in Clinical Domains

Abbr. Long text Start End Description
TAT Turnaround time    Generic term for clinical processes
LTAT Laboratory turnaround time Receipt of specimen Results available Specific term for laboratorial processes
MTAT Medication turnaround time Request Patient delivery Includes drug turnaround time, and pharmacy turnaround time
ITAT Imaging turnaround time Request Images available Specific term for processes concerning images
RTAT Report turnaround time Request Report available Generic term for processes concerning all types of reports
TTAT Total turnaround time Request Results available Generic term for all kinds of hospital processes
  1. This table proposes domain-specific and generic terms for TAT with defined starting and end points.