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Table 1 Timing of focus groups, description of hardware and software, and characteristics of participants

From: Prescriber and staff perceptions of an electronic prescribing system in primary care: a qualitative assessment

  Site C Site B Site A Float Pool
Focus Group Date March 2005 (Pre-implementation) October 2005 (Transition) June/September 2005 (Post- Implementation) June 2006 (Post-Implementation) April 2005 (variable stages of implementation)
Description of Hardware and Software
Hardware configuration at time of focus group Basic* Basic* Basic* Basic* plus Prescribers using portable laptops since June 2005 as step toward having PC in exam room Basic* plus Variable
Software in use at time of focus group Basic** plus e-rx system absent; paper-based prescribing only Basic** plus e-rx system in place since April 2005 Basic** plus e-rx system in place since July 2004 Basic** plus e-rx system in place since August 2004 Basic** plus e-rx system variable
Characteristics of Participants
Participants Focus Group 1: 8 Physicians No physician focus group conducted Focus Group 4: 6 Physicians Focus Group 6: 3 Physicians  
  Focus Group 2: 8 Staff FocusGroup3: 7 Staff Focus Group 5: 12 Staff Focus Group 7: 4 Staff Focus Group 8: 22 Staff
Number employed at site; proportion participating in focus group Physicians: 10; 80% (8/10) Physicians: N/A Physicians: 15; 40% (6/15) Physicians: 8; 38% (3/8) N/A
  Staff: 17; 48% (8/17) Staff 17; 41% (7/17) Staff: 25; 48% (12/25) Staff: 11; 36% (4/11)  
  1. *Basic hardware configuration=Desktop computers in prescriber offices and at clinic workstations for ten years; **Basic software=Homegrown electronic health record in place for ten years; e-rx=electronic prescribing; N/A=not applicable