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Table 3 List of attributes for textual information: the "Form" element.

From: Clinical map document based on XML (cMDX): document architecture with mapping feature for reporting and analysing prostate cancer in radical prostatectomy specimens

The root element: Form
Attributes Description
pT, pN, pM TNM-Classification
Datum Date of the report
Kernatypie Atypical changes in cell nucleus
DiffMuster Grade of cell differentiation
KlassifizierungAdeno Classification of adenocarcinoma
GLS1 Primary Gleason pattern
GLS2 Secondary Gleason pattern
GLSTotal Total Gleason score
GGrading Gleason grading
HELPAP HELPAP specification
L Lymph vessel invasion
V Venous vessel invasion
R Status of resection margin
LK-B Number of lymph nodes with metastases
LK-G Total number of extirpated lymph nodes
ProstatLength, ProstatWidth
Prostate diameters (Optional)
Prostate volume
BarcodeLIB Defining the barcode type (e.g. CODE128A)