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Table 1 List of presentation attributes.

From: Clinical map document based on XML (cMDX): document architecture with mapping feature for reporting and analysing prostate cancer in radical prostatectomy specimens

Description Value Type Example
IsFilled If true, then fill the shape otherwise not. Boolean True
SetClip If true, show only the intersected drawing surface with mask. Boolean True
BrushType Specifies the type of the brush (Hatchbrush, Solidbrush) String SolidBrush
BrushOpacity* Set the colour opacity of filled area. Integer 180
BrushColor Set the fill colour (Alpha;Red;Blue;Green) Colour 180; 255; 0; 0
Stroke-Alignment Specifies the alignment of lines in relation to the theoretical, zero-width line String Outset
StrokeOpacity* Setting the opacity of lines (0-255) Integer 150
StrokeColor Setting the colour of lines (A, R, B, G) Colour 150; 0; 0; 0
StrokeDashstyle Specifies the style of dashed lines String Flat
StrokeStartCap Specifies the available cap styles of the beginning of a line. String Solid
StrokeEndCap Specifies the available cap styles of the end of a line. String Flat
StrokeLineJoin Specifies how to join consecutive line segments in a figure String Flat
StrokePentype Specifies the type of fill uses to fill lines. String SolidColor
StrokeWidth Setting the width of a line String Miter
Points+ Setting the coordination of a polygon (X1; Y1 X2; Y2...) String 33;34 31;31...
Rectangle+ Setting the boundary of a shape (X, Y, Width, Height) String 2;2;10;10
Border-Points° Setting the coordination of border String 35;45 34;34...
Border-Rectangle° Setting the boundary of border String 3;3;10;20
Border-StrokeColor° Setting the colour of border lines String 0;; 0; 0
BorderPaint° Set if the border should be shown. Boolean True
Image§ Stored binary data of the image Binary iVBORw0 KG...
  1. Available (*) only in ToolML, (+) in VGraphML and MaskML, (°) in MaskML and (§) in VGraphML.