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Table 3 Sample coded data values that could not be encoded with SNOMED CT

From: A method for encoding clinical datasets with SNOMED CT

No Term Source Comments
1. Psychosocial distress Problem at Referral A possible SNOMED CT concept is "271596009|Mental distress (finding)|" but "mental" does not convey the same meaning as "psychosocial."
2. Symptom management Reason for Referral The only concepts that contained the words "symptom" and "management" were "395087001|Pain and symptom management (procedure)|", "413742003|Cancer pain and symptom management (procedure)|", "410357008|Signs/symptoms-physical case management (procedure)|" and "410356004| Signs/symptoms-mental/emotional case management (procedure)|" but they were too specific.
3. Education unknown Highest Level of Education Other values such as "college and university [education]" were encoded with "224300008|Received university education (finding)" but we could not find a term for "education unknown."
4. Internal medicine Admission Via This data field is used to indicate the admission source. Other values such as "emergency" and "surgeon" were encoded with "305226003|Admission by Accident and Emergency doctor (procedure)|" and "305293001|Admission by surgeon (procedure)|" but we could not find a corresponding term for admission by internist.
5. No medication Medications The closest term we could find was "371900001|Medication not administered (situation)|" but the meaning is slightly different.