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Table 2 Example uniqueness estimates, POP and MaxCombs values for some FSA and quasi-identifier combinations.

From: A method for managing re-identification risk from small geographic areas in Canada

Example of Uniqueness Estimates for FSA and Quasi-identifier Model Combinations
ID FSA Quasi- Identifiers Uniqueness () >5% >20%
1 K7N Age, Sex 0% N N
2 M2K Age, Aboriginal, Religion 1.7% N N
3 K1A Sex, Marital Status, Language 14.3% Y N
4 L6P Sex, Aboriginal, Schooling, Language 16.7% Y N
5 H3T Age, Aboriginal, Income, Marital Status, Language 56.0% Y Y
6 L1 M Sex, Disability, Marital Status, Schooling, Ethnicity 67.80% Y Y
7 K1A Age, Disability, Income, Marital Status, Schooling 94.70% Y Y