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Table 4 Studies of clinical outcomes using interventions of office/hospital-based telemedicine.

From: Clinical outcomes resulting from telemedicine interventions: a systematic review

Outcomes Quality Score Clinical Specialty Sample Intervention Effects
Wootton[37] II-B Dermatology 204 patients Need for special follow-up (RCT) No difference in need for follow-up
Brennan[36] I-A Emergency Medicine 100 patients Patients randomized to local or telemedicine care (RCT) No difference in ER return or need for additional care
Rosenfeld[38] II-B Intensive Care 201 patients Addition of remote intensivist to surgical ICU Decreases in severity-adjusted ICU mortality (46–68%) and hospital mortality (30–33%). Decreases in ICU complications (44–50%) and ICU length of stay (30–34%).
Rendina[39] II-B Neonatology 314 patients Length of stay in NICU for telemedicine vs. no telemedicine Length of stay decreased significantly related to birth weight
Goh[40] III-B Neurosurgery 116 patients Neurosurgery transfer before and after teleradiology Fewer adverse events during transfer (8% vs. 32%)
Goh[41] III-B Neurosurgery 63 patients Head injury patients with teleradiology Fewer adverse events during transfer (6.4% vs. 32.1%)