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Table 1 Schema for a health information directive

From: The health care information directive

  Personal Health Registration De-identified Aggregated
  Information Information Data Statistical
Patient care (access by caregivers, such as     
physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, etc., next of     
kin, advocate, legal representatives)     
Continuity of care between Health Care     
Providers and Administrative levels     
Reminders for follow-ups and screening tests,     
Payment (hospital/fee for service)     
Administrative management (institutional and     
Continuous Quality Improvement, peer review     
Epidemiological Study     
Disease Registries     
Hospital fund raising (mail-outs)     
Deriving profit from data as a research product     
  1. Row Headings adapted from: Ethical And Legal Issues In Electronic Health Information Systems: Report of the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics Working Group. 20 April 1998 Prepared by: Michelle A. Mullen, M.H.P., Ph.D. and James Lavery, M.Sc. Column Headings adapted from Saskatchewan Consultation on Privacy and Health Information. Reprinted with permission of the authors.